BBC Scotland To Launch

Scotland gets its own BBC channel this evening. A step beyond small regional opt outs and local news slots. Seems woefully late to be getting a TV channel but there you go. Telly first, independence later? The opening night looks good with both a Burnistoun one-off and the start of the final series of Still…

Blessed Be The Radio 3 HD Stream

"I am happy to say that we have now re-enabled Radio 3 HD Sound on Shoutcast." @BBCRadio3 #shoutcast — BBC Technology & Creativity (@bbctechcreate) February 17, 2015 The moral of the above tweet being that you must never ever piss off BBC Radio 3 HD listeners. The new HLS AAC streams sound great by…

There’s No News Like Non News

 As my partner commented quoting Dr Fox’s ill advised autocue reading on Brass Eye “There’s no scientific proof for it but it is fact” . The BBC slightly blurring the line between news and fiction when listed under the most read items of the day.

Grumpy DG Double Take

Glanced at the headline announcing the BBC’s new DG and did a quick double take as I thought it said they’d appointed Terry Hall as Director General. Mind you if they had I bet he still wouldn’t have looked happy about it. Image by DerekL under this creative commons licence

End Of An Era For TV Centre

Politics is a grubby business. BBC Television centre, that purpose built home of the BBC and instantly recognisable icon has finally been sold to *spit* property developers. All in the name of appeasing politicians and opponents who count the value of everything and appreciate the value of nothing very much at all. A sad day. Source Image…