The Great Delia Legacy


Blessed Be The Radio 3 HD Stream

The moral of the above tweet being that you must never ever piss off BBC Radio 3 HD listeners. The new HLS AAC streams sound great by the way. This whole stream change debacle has just been badly communicated to manufacturers and the public in me ‘umble opinion.

End Of An Era For TV Centre

BBC Television CentreSold (out)Politics is a grubby business. BBC Television centre, that purpose built home of the BBC and instantly recognisable icon has finally been sold to *spit* property developers. All in the name of appeasing politicians and opponents who count the value of everything and appreciate the value of nothing very much at all. A sad day.


Image by strollerdos under this creative commons licence

We Are Sorry For The Racism You Are About To Revisit

I was flipping radio channels this morning (a radio with a remote control is just encouraging my short attention span) when I caught a short announcement before an archived edition of the light comedy Mind Your Own Business which dated from 1987. The announcer warned:

“we head back to 1987 when, unfortunately, racial stereotyping was still pretty common”


I wonder what warnings, if any, will be placed in front of current media when it is reheated for the consumpion of future generations.