Blogger Commenting Changes Again

Commenting on blogs outside of your chosen host can sometimes be a frustrating business. Blogger has certainlyBlogger comments been testing my patience lately. I used to be able, where the blog owner had allowed, to leave comments linked back to my WordPress blog and then it changed again and I could only comment anonymously or via my Google login which linked back to a previous defunct blog hosted on Blogger that I used to post to. Now finally (again only where the blog owner has allowed) I can comment on Blogger from a narrow clutch of different blog or other Internet identities including WordPress with the ability to use my openID login if required. Thanks Blogger, it’s good too see you realise that many of us want to comment on and receive comments from blogs hosted on platforms other than our own chosen blog host though this is more restrictive than an option that had been in place previously.

I hope other blogging and social networking sites continue to allow a greater degree of comment transparency.

Where to get an OpenID
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TV Controller Blog Decommissioned

The 6 month old Secret Blog of a TV Controller (aged 33 and 3/4), a supposed insiders tongue in cheek blog about the culture of television and also a thinly veiled attack on the controller of BBC3 Danny Cohen has reached its conclusion by apparently self outing its anonymous author. But in a double twist the outed author whose web page is linked in the final post denies that he was in fact the clued up blog author who screamed obscenities and parodied the current woes of television, its management, marketing speak and how programmes are commissioned.TV Blog

Hard Times
The blog had the great fortune to coincide with a time of increased mistrust around the truthfulness of television in the UK which has repeatedly had to answer for its own recent economies with the truth and rapped on the knuckles for various phone voting scandals and deceptions.

Sense Of Humour
Its been interesting to note how sore about the well informed blog many television insiders were and still are. The lack of a sense of humour or an ability to take criticism has been quite telling and shows quite what a bubble many in the industry are living in.

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