Bowie In Berlin

Hans Ek, The Gothenburg Symphony, together with The Gothenburg male symphonic choir cover arrangements of iconic Berlin period Bowie songs.

Bowie Fashion Changes via The V and A

David Bowie may have gone into family seclusion these days but his influence is still being felt. The Victoria And Albert museum in London is to document the fashion aspect of his long career via an exhibition of his clothing worn throughout his career. Bowie is not involved in the choices to be put on…

Tape Archive: Bowie Interview Feb 1979 Part 3

Image via Wikipedia At last the final part of this interview from February 13th 1979. Bowie takes questions from phone in callers between music and an ongoing interview with Nicky Horne. Part 1 Part 2 AAC+ version For those that cannot stream the above 10MB mp3 file there is a 2.5MB high quality AAC+ encoded*…

Tape Archive: Up The Hill Backwards

Long time no tape archive material so I had a quick delve & remembered a cassette I was given long ago featuring rough demo versions of songs that would eventually become David Bowie‘s Scary Monsters album. So here’s an early version of the song that I partly named this blog after, Up the hill backwards….

Tape Archive:Bowie Star Special 1979 Part 5

From 20th May 1979 Final part of this desert island disc-alike. AAC+ version* For those that need to preserve their bandwidth and cannot either stream the 15MB file or download via the podcast feed then there’s a smaller sized (3.2MB) but equally high quality AAC+ encoded version available here. (*AAC+ audio files require this Plugin(Win)…