On Feeling And On Feeling Melancholy


Goodbye Bladder Hello Happiness

“The rapid therapeutic response of ketamine in treatment-resistant patients is the biggest breakthrough in depression research in half a century.”


Ketamine? The stuff that destroys your bladder and kidneys and can trigger psychosis in certain dosages?  We’ll have to watch that space to see if the research stands up to scrutiny.

Faithless Depression

4Thought, the short item that follows Channel 4 news in the UK has been parading a bunch of views this week that truly has caused me to shout quizically “huh?”. Namely that faith cures depression.

Right. So no people of faith ever suffer from depression? Really? And the stuff about mental breakdowns being ‘good for you’. I find that kind of generalist talk , especially from professionals who use their religious views to reframe medical research to fit their beliefs a little worrying.

Each to their own point of view but the seeming contempt for sufferers of depression who ths ‘suffer’ from a lack of faith revealed a little lack of compassion in my eyes.

Employing Mental Health

I notice the the UK Department Of Work And Pensions (DWP) is giving this short film another airing on our TV screens. It’s not new but was criticised when first unveiled some months ago and was subsequently given a very low key outing(this is the 60 second version). It’s targeting employers attitudes to employing people who have had mental health problems.

Getting some of these people off benefits is one of the UK governments stated aims but changing employers attitudes to mental health may be a tougher nut to crack.

This advert voiced by Philip Glenister is one attempt to tackle the other side of the problem.

Is it effective?

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Monday-How Does It Feel?

Today is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. The relationship counsellors Relate together with The Samaritans have both long reported that the weeks following Xmas see an upsurge in people contacting them for help.Mondee

The combination of the weather, the rock setting in at work, post Xmas debt and failed new year resolutions combine to pinpoint this Monday as particularly blue.

Despite the British predilection for moaning statistics seem to show that most Brits are optimists and only 13% are hardcore pessimists (really! or is that just me being a pessimist?). Scotland has the highest suicide rate whilst suicides in England are at their lowest since records began.

So here’s to another miserable Monday. We can all get through it together . Group Hug?

Maybe not.
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