Dream On

Life in the dream world with a Hooray Henry

Dead Rock Stars Trapped In A Classic Mixing Desk

A dream: I stumbled onto a seminar that  initially thought was a trade workshop for those in the recording and audio industry. Many people were crammed into a narrow, low ceiling room with spot lighting. The centre of their attention was a large but dated audio mixing desk. There was an implication that its vintage…

To Dream World

My dreams feel so real / whereas ‘real life’ feels so fake / see you in dream world Image by Hartwig HKD under this creative commons licence

Square TV Future Bliss

Dreamt I lived in a future world where 4:3 ratio CRT TV’s were still the norm & there was but 4 TV channels. It was future bliss. Image by under Carbon Arc under this creative commons licence

Kafkaesque Dreaming

Dreamt I awoke in the body and lifestyle of a Daily Mail reader though I was the same inside. A lack of hilarity ensued.

Rex Harrison Sings In My Dreams

I dreamt that Rex Harrison was singing in that talk-singing way he had. He was singing Invisible Sun as usually performed by The Police. He was placing his quizical vocal emphasis on a very literal recital of the lyrics ala ‘Why can’t a woman be more like a man’. Wilfred Hyde White was lurking silently.

Running To The Dead City

This may be a repeat dream. It feels kind of familiar. London is surrounded by a wall and largely abandoned. I’m one of a small number who regularly gain access to the abandoned city via various burrowed tunnels. We have to be quick as there’s a low level exposure danger to being in London that…