Pushing The Private Car Out Of The City

And while you’re at it get the corporate chains out of the town centres and more markets, micro businesses and housing in there. They do it over there but we don’t do it here…

iMeasure Makeover

The iMeasure site we use to track our energy usage (no alarms and no surprises please) has had a welcome revamp. I can geek out on all kind of stats and comparisons now. Meanwhile prices keep rising as we find ever more frugal ways to offset this. The future’s bright. The future is very expensive.

We’ve got our weekly kWh electricity consumption down to 27 kWh for the week with 50% of usage during the cheaper off peak charged period. The biscuits are on me.

Been getting quite interested in small scale passive solar heating. A Trombe wall is a bit beyond my ingenuity or practicality but I’m intrigued by passive solar heating.

Smart Growth And New Urbanism

I was interested to hear a statistic on the news that despite rising population levels we could all fit into one mega city. In fact that would be more sustainable. That seems to be what new urbanism is making a case for. The hard part is obviously just doing it…together.