Rock & Pop Places: The Sun Always Shines On TV

Was watching a re-run of Top of the Pops from 1986 and a-ha’s The Sun Always Shines On TV was on and they played the video which made me curious as to where the church section was filmed. Well it turns out it was The Church of St Alban, The Martyr in wonderful downtown Teddington…

Smalls Support

Colyton airs laundry in support of washing line mum — BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) June 12, 2018 Gotta love a little kickback against a smidgen of social snobbery

Geminid Skies and British Cloud

Hoping to catch the #Geminidmeteorshower tonight? With the chance of clear skies at times tonight (best in east), you might be treated by up to 120 shooting stars 🌠 an hour. Jo — BBC Weather (@bbcweather) December 13, 2017 Clears skies? Believe it when I see it matey. Most astronomical events are hidden by…

No Time Time

Today was a ‘taster’ day or rather an assessment of suitability for accessing adult day care for dementia Mum. Providing Mum with enough mental stimulation is perhaps where I worry I can’t quite match up. We were never super close. She was always a glass half empty person. She never really had hobbies and the…

If Harry Beck Had Tackled Roads

This map of English motorway routes is influenced by Harry Beck’s London underground map and available as a PDF here. Makes me dream of a nationwide underground tube system instead though.

Inflated Vicar In The Recurring Dream

My recurring dream of very many years involves me filming a wedding, something I did for many years. Each week was a worry and starting out the day always had me almost sick with worry and nerves presumably akin to stage fright. Once I’d got going it was usually fine and I was on auto…

Chimpanzee Consumers?

Oooh get you.A comment about the construction of a new shopping centre in Shepherds Bush, London by Westfield (a common name in Australia). Source Photo by LoopZilla under this creative commons license