Hmmmm…If Ikea Made Hi-Fi…Oh!

  I was musing to myself that the return of vinyl records and turntables would be just the kind of thing that I’d expect Ikea to jump on. I imagined an Ikea made turntable that matched their minimalist furniture offerings, probably with an unpronounceable (unless you are Swedish) name and was placed strategically in that…

Physical Formats And Budget Fashion Play Footsie

What? Primark to start selling CDs. Does their demographic actually buy CDs? Or even own a player? Or is this some kind of post ironic statement? Or do I have no idea what I’m talking about? (don’t answer the last one. I know the answer). Image by hihihellokitty under this creative commons licence

Maya At The Checkout

Young checkout woman today was sporting a Scouse Brow and cheek blush applied like warpaint. Reminded me of the Maya character from Space 1999.

George In The Office

Following Asda’s £15 suit for men comes general office attire for women with a top and trousers offering costing £5 for the pair. This follows on from the £10 school uniform and the £60 wedding dress all sold under the George in store clothing brand. Of course it would be churlish to question the source…