Calling Time On VHS

vhsclocked1Recycling or more accurately reusing old tech is something that always intrigues me. I still have way to many VHS (& Betamax) tapes that have as yet not been digitized. This VHS tape turned clock is one suggestion if you’re reasonably handy with making such things. Typically my own imagination is beyond my practical DIY abilities which has me thinking that the other cassette window could have been utilised for an additional sweeping second hand (I know picky picky picky).

Now could I do this with a huge old U-Matic tape I still have lying around?

Via Instructables

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eBook Reader Apathy

Sony eBook Reader

Sony eBook Reader

It seems like eBook readers have been ‘the next big thing’ for quite some time now but doubts still remain as to their current viability. Sony have recently refocussed their attempts to gain a foothold in the UK eBook market (is there one?) by revising their previous premium priced product with a slightly more affordable (though some would argue still expensive) £199 reader than can also read PDF’s and play mp3’s and AAC audio files via a Sony memory stick or standard SD card.

Sweet Enough Yet?

eBook readers are a nice idea waiting for the right technology and price price point for both the hardware and the price of electronic versions of books.For research purposes they hold a high attraction. A complete searchable library easily to hand.

Some would argue that if you pitched the iPhone today then everyone would decry the high price point and expensive running costs as a reason why it wouldn’t fly as a must have product but it still feels like we all expect an eBook reader to be a sub £100 device with electronic book offerings considerably cheaper than the paper offering.

The jury may still be out of whether the manufacture of eBook readers would have a more eco friendly impact on the environment than dead trees which obviously still hold a high appeal for die hard bookworms.

Who Cares?

What price would an eBook reader need to be to gain mass acceptance or are we collectively just not interested?

Photo by Irish_Typepad under this creative commons license

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Combo Fridge, CD Player, iPod/MP3 Digital Radio



I couldn’t resist this one as I’m a sucker for improbably combined gadgets. this one’s a combination mini fridge, CD Player, FM/AM radio (no DAB??) with the ability to hook up external speakers and including iPod and MP3 player connectivity, You know you’ve been waiting for this one.

What, no bluetooth?

Gadget-box via Popgadget

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Eco Kettle That Makes A 3 Second Cuppa

Yet another way to make a cup of tea. This slightly pricey but innovative kettle and water filter solution bringsquickcup the water to near boiling point in around 3 seconds and claims to be eco friendly into the bargain.

The makers, Tefal claim the new kettle will save an average household around £30 a year in energy costs and is a 65% energy consumption reduction compared to a normal style kettle. The dispenser can equally produce cold filtered water too.

A flash video of how it works can be seen here.

Update: Aside from Currys, both Argos and Morrisons now sell this though the price point remains the same (UK).

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