Boxes Bins And Fortnightly Things

A man from the council has thrown a plastic box outside our door that says “Glass Only” on the side. Another recycling bin and this one’s for glass at last. No more clanking down the road to the glass banks at the supermarket whilst sounding like I’m returning a night of heavy drinking empties. Of course there’s no information as to what dates we get to put the glass box out.Every week?

I know that this week past was brown bin week so next week will be green bin week though ours is black when it used to be green. Every week currently is still black bin week though ours is now green. Up the road a bit and over the county line they still have plastic bags. Yes, different coloured ones too.

Glass binSo now we have a black box…for glass. Presumably any colour of glass. Maybe glass apartheid will come soon and more boxes will appear and to make it more challenging the green box would only take clear glass and the brown box will be the exclusive receptacle for green glass.

Modern living is gloriously absurd.

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Spending The Public Purse

EarthListening to the radio today I heard and interview with the Governor of the Kent school that took Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ film to the High Court in order to point out factual errors. I was a bit disappointed that it was felt necessary to spend public money in order to do this. When I was at school we would be shown TV programmes and films and never left just with the experience itself. We’d have to discuss each ad nauseum.

The teacher would play devils advocate in order to encourage a debate. If the Governor felt the film was propaganda then why not show an anti global warming film such as Channel 4’s ‘Great global warming swindle’ too. The guy also made comments that said that children should be allowed to be children and enjoy childhood without burdening them with adult themes and responsibilities too early. Aren’t these children the generation we’ll all be asking to have a lower standard of living in order for their grand children’s children to have a world to live in? Do we just ignore the debate altogether? Or is this yet again the Brit tendency to fight against being told what to do by central Government?

It just seems a bit petty and personal to have the tax payer fund the costs of taking this film to the high court in order to bolster the one point of view and to satisfy a desire not to expose a school to a contrary  point of view. I feel this could have been managed better and could have encouraged a balanced debate without recourse to the public purse.

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