Vintage Sounding

Vintage headphones

These hand-me-down cans have been languishing unloved for decades. The original owner’s pipe smoke smell has finally half-lifed so put them on for a listen.

Very comfortable to wear and quite a smooth old school sound I guess. Smooth, not fatiguing or over emphasised at either end of the spectrum with some mid frequency colour action that actually helps make vocals sound reasonably natural.

I’m guessing these headphones date from the mid to late 70s?

Make? Er…Eagle? No idea. Made in Japan anyway. At least the cable isn’t’ coiled as some vintage phones are.

I was going to pass these on but they might be a keeper.

If anyone knows for certain when these date from or who made them then please let me know.


Sounds Like Friday

A dummy head being used as a binaural micropho...

Another quick binaural recording (best listened to on headphones). A mundane Friday morning. Birds twitter, nearby cars, aircraft fly overhead and the near sound of a Tesco delivery.Ah the suburbs.

Other binaural recordings

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Binaural Tap Water

My first meagre return to some binaural audio recording (headphones required) for very many years (the last attempts were very much back in ye olde analogue days of yore). This is (honest) the sound of a running tap filling the bathroom sink (riveting stuff I know). Once I figure out how to provide decent wind noise protection I expect I’ll try a few recordings out and about.

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