From the vantage point of a collapsing fence

First off ; I am literally sick of sliding into yet another cold. I vow to never leave my cave and be in the company of other germ hosts ever again. That aside, I sit upon my crumbling fence re Brexit. I try to see both sides. The negative is a right old kerfuffle of…

Speaking without thinking

We all do it… Caught a bit of Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 just as he read out a comment seemingly Brexit orientated… “If you like Europe so much then why don’t you go and live there.” Very middle England. It’s hard to believe that people actually say things like this. Apart from the…


A "prominent British scientist" will be the face on the new £50 note. — Oonagh (@Okeating) November 2, 2018 Feature image by Howard Lake under this creative commons license

Beyond The Thunderdome

“Nice passport. Are you here for business, pleasure or to cram as many tinned goods, medicine and substances of human origin into your suitcase as physically possible before returning to the fucking Thunderdome?”“Yes that’s the one”“Lovely shade of blue” — James Felton (@JimMFelton) July 25, 2018

Only in Britain…

It’s raining in Bristol. People are cheering — Sophie Sayer (@Sophiesayer) July 20, 2018

Another One Said Brenda

Don't get weighed down by the amount of lemons life is pelting you with, just take a few, no more than you can handle & see if you really need all the others! Choose your battles wisely, just like lemons you don't need that many!#BlurtChats 🙂 x — Nicola Tirrell (@njtirrell) July 10, 2018