Freakishly Like…

Overheard conversation between two passing young women:

“And he said to me; you know, for a woman you’re freakishly like a man”.


Heaven forbid.



In life so far: strangers ask me for directions (I  look like I know where I’m going?) & they give me unwanted stuff (I look needy?). Could be worse.

Hanging Around In Limbo

Dreaming Is Free?I spent time in limbo last night. In my dream I was massively electrocuted by faulty wiring whilst replacing a light bulb. I writhed around seemingly painlessly and helpless as 240 volts arced through my body. I was aware of my partners distress at being unable to intervene. The world around be faded into a milky white obscurity as I found myself in a limbo world where I was aware I was would spend time before being reborn.

I was able to view the living though few of them could view me.

Picture by Perla Lewis under this creative commons license

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Acting Your Age

A quick visit to our only nearby supermarket, closed for the past three days due to a refurbishment, yielded an interesting example of role playing by a senior member of our society.

I was standing waiting to use the self checkout facility and the seventy something guy behind me struck up a conversation about how hit and miss the process of swiping your own items was. I agreed and said that it was sometimes hard to get all the items through without some kind of staff intervention but it was still worth it when you only have a handful of items.

The gentleman then revealed that he would normally stand there and look frail and helpless in order to illicit help from the designated self checkout assistant. He followed this revelation with a crafty wink and a wry smile.

I then watched in awe as he suddenly transformed himself into a doe eyed helpless retired gentleman quickly transforming his demeanour he caught the eye of said female assistant who then promptly processed  each and every one of his items herself thus leaving him with little to do but smile meekly and say thank-you as the entire process was completed by a willing third party.

We both left the store at the same time and the helpless stoop straightened into a more healthy upright stride as he exited the store. A small example of one of the rare advantages of over playing ones age and fragility for personal benefit?

Photo by trib under this creative commons license

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Runaway Bus Tweenie Tease Nightmare

We took some time out the other day and took a bus ride for a mooch around a nearby town. The route is fairly convoluted and takes us through the countryside and various villages. The journey itself was somewhat stressful as the driver seemed permanently wound up, repeatedly annoyed at meeting oncoming traffic as he travelled at excessive speed along what is mostly narrow single track country lanes. At one point, in an attempt to squeeze by a truck coming the other way he managed to bounce us into the virge and a soft ditch. For a while I didn’t imagine we’d escape the confines of the ditch as he wheel spinned aggressively to try to extricate us from this predicament.

On our return journey a group of tweenies got on the bus with us and as we crawled through 4 o’clock town traffic one young girl’s female friends ran alongside the bus teasing their poor friend by chanting that the youngster loved a particular other person.She looked flushed and embarrassed right up until the point she retaliated by giving her erstwhile friends the finger and loudly proclaiming that they should “Eff Off”.

Soon we were out of town and in the countryside, free from the kerbside taunts of young girls but amazingly the young girl then took to phoning her friends on her mobile and putting them on speaker phone, thus allowing her friends to continue to tease her throughout the rest of the bus journey.

Technology is really warping social interaction isn’t it?

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Photo by Joan Thewlis under this creative commons license