What Does Brexit Feel Like?

Maybe, long term, the Brexit decision will work itself out but right now, living in Blighty it feels for me a bit like the point the majority have made is akin to this:


Welcom to Paris… now **** Off!!

…Only in French of course. I was amused by a story on the Beeb about a regular number of polite Japanese tourists suffering from Paris syndrome each year in which they suffer severe psychological breakdown after the supposed rudeness of some Parisians and after which they have to be repatriated. A real culture shock sets in when their idea of Paris and it’s culture fails to meet their romanticised expectations.
It makes me wonder if the same thing ever happens here as London tourists meet a racist Cabbie. There have been incidents where American tourists are being met with anti-American outbursts on the capitals tube system leading to many Yanks just pretending to be Canadian when opening their mouths to ask for directions etc.That’s a shame as people are just getting worked up with anti-Bush feelings and tend to lump all Americans in the same basket.
I remember seeing a large coach load of Japanese tourists disembarking near the Sydney Harbour bridge down under and nearly all had a camera or camcorder. The strange thing was that I swear that the size of each camera and camcorder was getting bigger as each one stepped off the coach until the very final man to leave was carrying a full sized broadcast Betacam camcorder!! Those pesky tourists, eh!

The French do have a sense of humour and les Shadoks is a well known cartoon made in France that parodied French society and the rivalry between France and it’s love/hate relationship with Great Britain. In these cartoons dating from 1968 (& the student revolutions of the time) the adversary of the Shadoks are The Gibis (GB’s, geddit) who wear bowler hats (I love a cultural stereotype, me).