An Endless Economic Crisis

Interesting comments from shopkeepers in Rome in this news story. Worrying how the feeling that politicians and politics are disconnected from reality is increasing globally. Easy to say it’s time for a new politics but if politics isn’t seen as an answer then all kinds of dangerous alternatives might seem attractive and fill the vacuum. It’s a great shame that people themselves feel powerless.


Burning Our Future


There’s cheap coal in them thar hills. Well out there somewhere. Probably imported. Apparently it’s undermining our pollution and climate change targets (what? They haven’t abolished them yet in the name of the great economic recovery?) as cheap coal means higher electricity generation profits or at least commercial viability in the short term. So Britain’s share of electricity generated by coal has risen to 40%.


Image by Cloudsurfer_UK under this creative commons licence.

Flash-Mob Meets Bait And Switch?

There’s a news item on the Beeb about a European scheme to encourage mass energy supplier switching. I have to say I’m not convinced by these schemes. To me it’s a bit like a lemmings flash-mob running head first into a bait and switch scheme which will always be funded by other consumers paying over the odds. It’s simply not a sustainable scheme and certainly not a long term answer to rising energy bills.

Image by Ian F Thomas under this creative commons licence

No More Nuptial Deadlines (Maybe)

In other ‘tinkering at the edges’ type news the British government (for want of a more accurate description) has announced an change to the hours during which people can get married.

Traditionally this marryin’ lark had to happen between 8am and 6pm. Only ‘traditional’ religious institutions don’t have to offer anything other than the old hours so it looks like it will be restricted to civil ceremonies and a minority of enterprising religious hipsters.

All a little meaningless when unlike many other countries you still can’t get married where you like. Just places that have a licence.Oh and where are our celebrants? (other than only in Scotland)

I can remember filming a wedding many years ago that was scheduled for a 5:30pm start in church. Due to it being a stacker where this was the last of a day of weddings at the same church meant that cummulative delays at each previous wedding didn’t clear the church for the last ceremony until 5.45pm. Very embarrasin’

The Vicar promptly hurried the couple into place, announced we would sing only one verse of the first hymn before launching into the vows at speed, dispensing with the other two chosen hymns and having said couple walking like a couple of stunned mullets back down the aisle again by a few minutes to six. Almost a drive by affair such was its haste. All because of the 6pm deadline.

Photos in the grounds were also a rushed affair as the Vicar wanted to be locked up and home for tea pretty sharpish (ooh I could tell you some tales).

Tradition eh. A prison made of the familiar.

Image by Moyan Brenn under this creative commons licence.