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Rabbit Out Of The Hat aka DVD Out Of The Drawer

To cheer up the upset dementia Mum I have delved thru drawers of free Daily Mail DVD's to find 2 old amateur DVD's about her birth town. pic.twitter.com/ZvbhOOEX0U — EmSquared (@emsquare_d) April 22, 2017

Where Are We Now? Fun In Dementia Mum Land

In February my 89 year old Dad died suddenly after a few days of illness. He went into hospital on a Sunday. By Monday morning he was diagnosed with leukemia. By midday he had died of a bleed to the brain. After a lifetime of good health it was characteristic that he took a ‘no…

None Of The Above

Having listened to The Green’s Natalie Bennett on Radio 4 and LBC this morning I find myself even more convinced that I’ll be walking to the poll booth this May and sighing heavily as I spoil the paper by writing across it ” None of the above”. I find it hard not to see our…

Heartfulness And Painful Excercises

I’m a lapsed Buddhist. Or perhaps more accurately a part lapsed, neo Buddhist as my previous forays way back in my yoof were perhaps best described as a typical pick-and-mix exercise when really I was just there for the meditation exercises and Buddhist philosophy was an interesting contemplation but I was young and swayed by…

Synchronicity Meets The Masked Footballer

I’m walking (OK hobbling) home and laden with shopping when a football comes flying over a nearby garden wall. It arcs strategically about to land precisely at my feet. In my panic in trying to not let it bounce into the road besides me I instinctively swing my foot lightly up to stop the ball. A…

Distant Monty Python Ice Cream Tones

I heard the distant chimes of an ice cream van earlier than seemed to be playing Monty Python’s Lumberjack song? Image by Yvonne Thompson under this creative commons licence