Weekly Wage Slip 1984

Found a weekly wage slip for 1984. Mostly overtime with some bonus back pay. Barely over two pounds an hour which yielded £83.15 per week for 39 hours. A bonus of just over £35 probably means that target culture existed even then or more likely some jobs were still given X number of hours via…

That ain’t helping

Was talking to a struggling neighbour of my late parents yesterday. There were three of us yakking, as you do. Inevitably Brexit entered the conversation. Said neighbour declared herself as having voted for Brexit, followed swiftly by her annoyance that many stereotyped those who voted to leave as racists. Honest, guv I try hard not…

Fake Logic

An item like this… Fake news 'crowding out' real news https://t.co/JdRLgsds3A — BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) July 29, 2018 Will inevitably produce a response like this… Yeah and it all comes from the BBC — Ste Matthew Murray🇵🇸♿🏳️‍🌈 (@SteMattMurray) July 29, 2018 The work of ‘Fake news’ is done.

Beyond The Thunderdome

“Nice passport. Are you here for business, pleasure or to cram as many tinned goods, medicine and substances of human origin into your suitcase as physically possible before returning to the fucking Thunderdome?”“Yes that’s the one”“Lovely shade of blue” pic.twitter.com/dto2C4drvW — James Felton (@JimMFelton) July 25, 2018

What Does Brexit Feel Like?

Maybe, long term, the Brexit decision will work itself out but right now, living in Blighty it feels for me a bit like the point the majority have made is akin to this: