That ain’t helping

Was talking to a struggling neighbour of my late parents yesterday.

There were three of us yakking, as you do.

Inevitably Brexit entered the conversation.

Said neighbour declared herself as having voted for Brexit, followed swiftly by her annoyance that many stereotyped those who voted to leave as racists.

Honest, guv I try hard not to judge (It’s a very complex issue distilled down into a stupidly black and white voting choice) but within a minute or so I received one of those “that doesn’t help” moments when she suddenly said that, in a way, she quite admired Hitler as at least he got things done.


Interesting / worrying times


Everlasting Poverty

We have the technology to end all world poverty but live is a system in which all possibilities are graded entirely by how much it costs.

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity’

-Albert Einstein

Money picture by Joshua Davis , Live8 picture by Richardk ,capitalism kills by dontcallmeikke , Baby scan by RTPeat , ‘feed the poor’ by 20after4 .

Full screen slideshare version here

Fuel Poverty Lack Of Empathy?

I watched a story about fuel poverty on the news last night which showed a family deep in debt because their fuel bill was £50-£60 a week and they’d had to borrow and get in debt to get by.

My first reaction was to exclaim that £60 a week seemed almost infeasibly high and were these people just not turning household and gadget items off at all until I reconsidered that maybe, just maybe the poorest people are likely to be in the least efficient and least modernised homes particularly if they’re renting and/or on low incomes.

Housing improvement

Have Your Say (again)

Inevitably the BBC’s Have your say(HYS) discussion (read right wing dominated rant) on the issue of the government proposals to help those worst affected by fuel poverty such as pensioners on a fixed low income and possibly others whose incomes would not not keep pace with the ever growing cost of affording the basics produced the predictable resentment from the ‘sod ’em all’ contingent.

Self Torture

I shouldn’t torture myself by reading HYS as the lack of empathy contained therein often depresses me. There are often many comments that repeatedly resent helping the worst off in our society because they should somehow get off their backsides and help themselves (how exactly does a disabled pensioner supplement their basic state pension? Sell drugs? Shoplift? Get a job? Some of these comments often beggar belief (maybe it’s just me) but I believe do represent a sizeable percentage of attitude in this country today so I ‘like’ to alienate myself further by reading what the modern equivalent of the man,woman or undefined autonomous individual on the Clapham omnibus actually is thinking).

Here’s to ongoing alienation in your country of birth.

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UK Poverty increases – Government jubilant.

The UK government is congratulating itself today after figures released show that poverty levels in the UK have actually risen for the first time in 10 years. Government members are understandably delighted that they’ve finally managed to shift these figures upwards and coming so soon after the recent budget measures had ensured that the poor maintain their hard won place on the social ladder. It’s doubly gratifying for the government as Povertythese new figures put them on course to meet their own stringent poverty enablement targets which will put them well above previous pessimistic targets that would have seen the poverty figures depressingly drop by the year 2010 and which was precisely that which the government had previously forecast and feared. A government spokesperson said there was still much to be done as pensioner poverty levels had not risen despite their best efforts which would mean ensuring a doubling of efforts to make sure that Britain’s pensioners did not lose out on the opportunity to attain the level of poverty they deserve. Child poverty levels have stayed stable but the government admits there is much to be done to ensure that these figures continue to rise in line with targets.

To be classified as poor in Britain you must earn no more than £145 per week whilst couples with 2 children need to earn no more than £332 per week. Too many people earn above these figures and that is very worrying. In order to meet their ambitious redistribution of poverty targets the government had specifically included impressive provision in the recent budget to make sure that more people than ever easily attain the required income and meet the 2010 poverty targets. Good news for a change.

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