The App With Way Too Much Exposure…

I had hoped that 2019 would not still feature BBC radio stations pimping its yoof-centric BBC Sound app as much as in late 2018. Fat chance. Podcasts are the radio of tomorrow, thinks the BBC. The gateway drug to the next generation of radio listeners. So they’re phasing out iPlayer radio for the BBC Sounds…

Blessed Be The Radio 3 HD Stream

"I am happy to say that we have now re-enabled Radio 3 HD Sound on Shoutcast." @BBCRadio3 #shoutcast — BBC Technology & Creativity (@bbctechcreate) February 17, 2015 The moral of the above tweet being that you must never ever piss off BBC Radio 3 HD listeners. The new HLS AAC streams sound great by…

Speaking Of Kenny Everett

Kept meaning to share this  meant to scan it at a higher resolution. It’s from an old 4th Dimension (a children’s radio show from way back when) I found tucked away at my parents. Clearly it’s Kenny and his then wife Lee pottering around their country farmhouse.  

Medium Waves

I’ve made me peace with DAB radio. I just think of it as the new AM/MW which adjusts my expectations accordingly. Image by ehoyer under this creative commons licence

Aural Nitrazepam

I have to say that easy listening (net radio station) is my new aural nitrazepam of choice. Pass the sonic prescription medication. Image by x-ray delta one under this creative commons licence

Australian radio quiz asks for name of London Mayor.Amazingly one caller knows his first name.”So it’s Boris..?” Confident answer: “Yeltsin”

Scilly Comment

“That was George Harrison there. He was influenced by all things Indian wasn’t he? From a time when we looked to India for spiritual enlightenment rather than banking and support enquiries” Radio Scilly DJ underlines his radio hyper local credentials with a questionable comment following the playing of a George Harrison track.