Blessed Be The Radio 3 HD Stream

The moral of the above tweet being that you must never ever piss off BBC Radio 3 HD listeners. The new HLS AAC streams sound great by the way. This whole stream change debacle has just been badly communicated to manufacturers and the public in me ‘umble opinion.


Speaking Of Kenny Everett

Kept meaning to share this  meant to scan it at a higher resolution. It’s from an old 4th Dimension (a children’s radio show from way back when) I found tucked away at my parents. Clearly it’s Kenny and his then wife Lee pottering around their country farmhouse.



Australian radio quiz asks for name of London Mayor.Amazingly one caller knows his first name.”So it’s Boris..?” Confident answer: “Yeltsin”

Scilly Comment

“That was George Harrison there. He was influenced by all things Indian wasn’t he? From a time when we looked to India for spiritual enlightenment rather than banking and support enquiries”

Radio Scilly DJ underlines his radio hyper local credentials with a questionable comment following the playing of a George Harrison track.

Local DAB No Thanks


“DAB is clearly a nonsense for genuinely local commercial radio services and the growing realisation amongst operators that this is a car crash waiting to happen has now bubbled to the surface and needs to be taken seriously,” …“It’s quite clear now that a growing number of existing local station operators do not want DAB as their future platform.”

“There are many of us in the industry who are clear about what needs to be done and I hope that the Government won’t take too long before it realises the errors that are being made and allows local radio operations to be left alone to continue to broadcast on the excellent, and far more appropriate, FM platform.”

“We don’t need, want or support this change. Things are tough enough as it is without the Government heaping more costs, uncertainty and damage on the local commercial radio sector. DAB for local commercial radio is inappropriate. It should be dumped.”

William Rogers CEO UKRD makes it clear that many think that digital radio is not a good fit for local radio.



Image by salimfadhley under this creative commons licence