Blessed Be The Radio 3 HD Stream

"I am happy to say that we have now re-enabled Radio 3 HD Sound on Shoutcast." @BBCRadio3 #shoutcast — BBC Technology & Creativity (@bbctechcreate) February 17, 2015 The moral of the above tweet being that you must never ever piss off BBC Radio 3 HD listeners. The new HLS AAC streams sound great by…

Speaking Of Kenny Everett

Kept meaning to share this  meant to scan it at a higher resolution. It’s from an old 4th Dimension (a children’s radio show from way back when) I found tucked away at my parents. Clearly it’s Kenny and his then wife Lee pottering around their country farmhouse.  

Medium Waves

I’ve made me peace with DAB radio. I just think of it as the new AM/MW which adjusts my expectations accordingly. Image by ehoyer under this creative commons licence

Aural Nitrazepam

I have to say that easy listening (net radio station) is my new aural nitrazepam of choice. Pass the sonic prescription medication. Image by x-ray delta one under this creative commons licence

Australian radio quiz asks for name of London Mayor.Amazingly one caller knows his first name.”So it’s Boris..?” Confident answer: “Yeltsin”

Scilly Comment

“That was George Harrison there. He was influenced by all things Indian wasn’t he? From a time when we looked to India for spiritual enlightenment rather than banking and support enquiries” Radio Scilly DJ underlines his radio hyper local credentials with a questionable comment following the playing of a George Harrison track.

Local DAB No Thanks

“DAB is clearly a nonsense for genuinely local commercial radio services and the growing realisation amongst operators that this is a car crash waiting to happen has now bubbled to the surface and needs to be taken seriously,” …“It’s quite clear now that a growing number of existing local station operators do not want DAB…