Synchronicity Meets The Masked Footballer

I’m walking (OK hobbling) home and laden with shopping when a football comes flying over a nearby garden wall. It arcs strategically about to land precisely at my feet. In my panic in trying to not let it bounce into the road besides me I instinctively swing my foot lightly up to stop the ball. A kind of Zapruda effect applied to random object occurs as the ball smack into my feet and ricochets right back along the same arc it came from without ever having touched the ground.

I hear the sound of surprised voices and a small child who say “Who was that?. Dad-type voice: “er..I dunno”. Me (clearly in a world of my own): “It was I, the masked passing footballer”.

I had turned the corner by then so for those on the other side of the wall the mystery remains.


Random memories of suicidal ducks

For some reason an old episode of Tom & Jerry has popped into my head. It’s the one with the suicidal baby duckling. Jerry has his/her(?) work cut out as the duckling keeps wandering off to kill itself or to Tom the cat emploring him to “eat me”.

Quite disturbing when I think about it now. Not sure why it popped into my head. An analogy for our modern day obsession with appearance? A searing insight into duckling mental health problems?

Just my brain having a clear out more likely

The Jury’s Out

Sir Paul Judge recently launched a new UK political movement called The Jury Team which aims to promote and help fund a range of independent candidates as a way of helping to dilute the current two party political system. This is their slightly home made promo. Heart in the right place? Any challenge to the current status quo welcome?

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Making Our Own Choices

greenshootsHumans make arbitrary choices, influenced by “leaders”… but do other animals? A Cambridge team ran an experiment with groups of meerkats, and landmarks indicating the location of food. The animals did follow… but started making their own choices if the leaders led them to food-less sites.

Any sign of that happening for us yet?


Photo by Gary Turner under this creative commons license