Throwing The Book At Vinyl

vinylcoverThe recycling of older technology continues with these journals featuring covers made from old LP vinyl records (nothing rare I hope). We’ve already seen compact cassettes remodelled around money purses and belt buckles so this is just another reincarnation for the old ‘liquorice pizzas’. Personally I’d loved to see the same thing with covers made from shiny old silver laser discs. Bit too niche maybe?

UrbanOutfitters via

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Consumer Item Limbo

“For the love of God give me my item”. The man in front of me in the queue at the Argos store had finally lost his patience. His number called as ready for collection long ago he had watched as his item moved from dispatch hatch to shelf and then seemingly to literal limbo.Argos counter anxiety

His way of ‘losing it’ was interesting in that he suddenly raised both arms skyward with one hand still clutching his item ticket and proclaiming his ‘love of God’ utterance as if attending an evangelical religious event.

His mild outburst stopped the two customer service operatives in their tracks as they were forced finally to acknowledge both the man and the overdue item. Each fixed him with a look of annoyance and disapproval. His long arms moved down to his side and the hand clutching the item ticket pointed to the item not 4 feet from him and that he could identify as his. The man’s pointed finger almost trembled with a mixture of frustration and anticipation.

He got his item and soon it was my turn to wait puzzled that my item number had long been called but couldn’t obviously be seen in my line of sight. I drifted in and out of daydreams and numb vacant stares (a speciality of mine) before finally my item had spent enough time in limbo for an operative to call my number.

I declined a bag, clutched my item and was only slightly waylaid by a poor man who seemed to walk and sway in a stilted manner akin to a drunk robot though it soon became clear that he was not drunk or otherwise intoxicated but afflicted with this method of motion as the norm. He swayed around a tower of catalogues and special offers that he seemed unable to reach out and grasp despite repeated attempts so I offered to assist in a completely non-verbal interaction  that was mutually beneficial to both parties whilst balancing my own item under one arm.

For us both the frustration was temporarily over.

Photo by cubemate under this creative commons license

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Tevion Internet Radio On Offer (UK)


Internet Radio and media player

Connects to Internet via WiFi, computer not required

On special at Aldi (UK) for Thurday 16th for £64.99

(now listed in Aldi’s support section post Aug 16)

I’m a bit(!) of an avid listener to radio from around the world so this seems quite a good price for an Internet radio (or are they getting cheaper at last?).

Update: Pinnacle soundbridge now under £40 

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Todays Music in The Aisles (Friday 13th 2007)

A quick jaunt around the aisles brought me ‘last night a DJ saved my life’ by Indeep. Stomach churningly when the track ended the supermarket chain’s in house DJ chipped in with “That was… last night a DJ shaved my wife”. Laugh? I nearly fell into a coma.

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Global Warming Mug

Glo mug

With the Live Earth concerts due this weekend , it’s time for the inevitable crass commercialisation and exploitation of even the prospect of future climate disaster with this suitably tacky global warming mug which changes the look of the map relief after cupping your hands around it or after holding your warm beverage. Watch east Anglia slide into the sea and the familiar coastline maps transform into the potential Earth of the near future. I have to assume that the equivalent mug for climate change doubters would just stay the same no matter what (ideal! A ready market for the faulty and ‘seconds’ mugs).

And remember kiddies, Global warming is sponsored by all your favourite multi nationals

Link via iwantoneofthose

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