Chimpanzee Consumers?

Oooh get you.A comment about the construction of a new shopping centre in Shepherds Bush, London by Westfield (a common name in Australia). Source Photo by LoopZilla under this creative commons license

Consumer Item Limbo

“For the love of God give me my item”. The man in front of me in the queue at the Argos store had finally lost his patience. His number called as ready for collection long ago he had watched as his item moved from dispatch hatch to shelf and then seemingly to literal limbo. His…

Tevion Internet Radio On Offer (UK)

Internet Radio and media player Connects to Internet via WiFi, computer not required On special at Aldi (UK) for Thurday 16th for £64.99 (now listed in Aldi’s support section post Aug 16) I’m a bit(!) of an avid listener to radio from around the world so this seems quite a good price for an Internet…

Todays Music in The Aisles (Friday 13th 2007)

A quick jaunt around the aisles brought me ‘last night a DJ saved my life’ by Indeep. Stomach churningly when the track ended the supermarket chain’s in house DJ chipped in with “That was… last night a DJ shaved my wife”. Laugh? I nearly fell into a coma. Random blog post Related posts

Global Warming Mug

With the Live Earth concerts due this weekend , it’s time for the inevitable crass commercialisation and exploitation of even the prospect of future climate disaster with this suitably tacky global warming mug which changes the look of the map relief after cupping your hands around it or after holding your warm beverage. Watch east…

This Means Nothing To Me….(Music In The Aisles)

Today’s muzak in the aisles (and I very nearly burst into spontaneous accompaniment): ‘It means nothing to me This means nothing to me Oh, Vienna’ (though I substituted the name of the supermarket I was in at this point)