They Do It Over There But We Don’t Do It Here

more about “How Swedish MPs handle expenses“, posted with vodpod The Beeb looks at how Sweden, known as probably Europe’s most transparent democracy manage their own MPs expenses and accommodation needs. Whilst watching the report I kept saying to myself ‘ah but how much is their salary’ and it turns out it’s on par with…

It’s great when you’re straight

more about “It’s great when you’re straight“, posted with vodpod This report from More4 news covers the news that a significant minority of qualified psychotherapists and psychiatrists had admitted to attempting to ‘cure’ or re-orientate their gay and lesbian clients.


A brief description of Demarchy and Lottocracy as proposed alternatives to our present political system.

Making Our Own Choices

Humans make arbitrary choices, influenced by “leaders”… but do other animals? A Cambridge team ran an experiment with groups of meerkats, and landmarks indicating the location of food. The animals did follow… but started making their own choices if the leaders led them to food-less sites. Any sign of that happening for us yet? Source…

Throw Another Scapegoat On The Fire

Torturing myself reading the BBC’s ‘Have your Say’ is my equivalent of picking at an open wound but it’s a self imposed reality check that reminds me that an awful lot of people have some very dubious different viewpoints. This one is an exception in a sea of frankly worrying retrograde drivel. The question, in…

Week Experience

It’s the small events that colour in the large spaces between the more obviously significant moments in our lives.Sights and sounds absorbed in passing can leave a lasting impression of the immediate world around us. Chemical Bouquet This week I have been mostly smelling…aircraft fuel. This was something more common in my childhood but its…

Allo John Got Fuel For Ya Motor?

Another succinct HYS comment summing up the growing shortage of fuel caused by a combination of the tanker drivers strike and media duelled panic buying that is probably producing a very predictable outcome. Related articles Fuel strike begins to hit supply [via Zemanta] Panic buying at petrol pumps [via Zemanta] Do not panic-buy petrol, PM urges [via Zemanta]