Tape Archive: Phone-In January 17th 1983

[audio https://stuffem.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/robbie-vincent-phone-in-1983.mp3] Here’s something I’ve meant to share or a while. It’s part of a radio phone which I date as Monday January 17th 1983. It’s interesting as a historical piece as it’s a small window on the cultural  changes in our society revealed by both the host and the ordinary public calling in to comment….

Tape Archive:Bill Nelson Interview 1985

A Bill Nelson Interview circa the Trial by Intimacy (book of splendour) period. There’s still a fair amount of interest in Nelson ranging from his Be Bop Deluxe days onwards and I believe the Nelsonica fan conventions continue to take place both here in the UK and in the US. A compact AAC+ encoded version is available…

Tape Archive: Diz Watson Live 1985

Diz Watson’s Jambalaya live session 1985 A smaller sized but equally high quality AAC+ encoded* version is available here (*AAC+ audio files require this Plugin(Win) or a compatible player such as Songbird (Win,Mac,Linux), VLC(Win,Mac,Linux)or Winamp(Win) however Quicktime and i-Tunes will play file at half the audio bandwidth and in mono only) Songbird Music Player Recommended

Tape Archive: Bowie Interview Feb 1979 Part 3

Image via Wikipedia At last the final part of this interview from February 13th 1979. Bowie takes questions from phone in callers between music and an ongoing interview with Nicky Horne. Part 1 Part 2 AAC+ version For those that cannot stream the above 10MB mp3 file there is a 2.5MB high quality AAC+ encoded*…

Tape Archive: Good Technology 1983

A slice of Hull’s Indie band scene from 1983 and the ever so slightly anti-corporate Red Guitars. Rediscovering this little gem reminds me there are many tunes that fail to make the big time pop chart but still have their place in the history of rock. It certainly sounds very early 80’s doesn’t it but…

Tape Archive: Up The Hill Backwards

Long time no tape archive material so I had a quick delve & remembered a cassette I was given long ago featuring rough demo versions of songs that would eventually become David Bowie‘s Scary Monsters album. So here’s an early version of the song that I partly named this blog after, Up the hill backwards….