BBC Scotland To Launch

Scotland gets its own BBC channel this evening. A step beyond small regional opt outs and local news slots. Seems woefully late to be getting a TV channel but there you go. Telly first, independence later? The opening night looks good with both a Burnistoun one-off and the start of the final series of Still…

Choose Your Weapon of Tape

Vintage Video Players: An Epic Thread Starting with the JVC HR-3300 (VHS) — CuriousBritishTelly (@CuriousUkTelly) May 19, 2018 Sony T7 (Betamax) — CuriousBritishTelly (@CuriousUkTelly) May 19, 2018 JVC HR-7700EK (VHS) — CuriousBritishTelly (@CuriousUkTelly) May 19, 2018 Philips N1702 (VCR) — CuriousBritishTelly (@CuriousUkTelly) May 19, 2018

Square TV Future Bliss

Dreamt I lived in a future world where 4:3 ratio CRT TV’s were still the norm & there was but 4 TV channels. It was future bliss. Image by under Carbon Arc under this creative commons licence

Victor Says Hi

I feverishly bloody clicked on this long awaited season 2 trailer for Les Revenants (The Returned) which hits French TV in the Autumn and returns to Channel 4, UK very soon after that. Not giving much away are they? Other than a two year gap from series 1 inevitably means that the actor playing victor…