Sadistics ヘーイごきげんはいかが(HI!! JACK)

I presume the TV host is guest singing here . The Sadistics were a Japanese band from the 70s, formerly the Sadistic Mika Band, who had albums produced by Chris Thomas and who appeared on The Old Grey Whistles test in 1975 (c/w now questionable Benny Hill type misspelling of the programme arranged behind them)….

Bowie In Berlin

Hans Ek, The Gothenburg Symphony, together with The Gothenburg male symphonic choir cover arrangements of iconic Berlin period Bowie songs.

Rock Docs And Cringeworthy Demographic Signalling

I love a good music documentary especially a meander through the career of any artist of note and longevity but one of the eternal annoyances in latter years is the seeming need to insert a flavour of the moment artist suddenly saying that this old foggie has been such an influence on them. The folly…

Bowie,Iggy,Dinah Shore Before we had the Internet

Pre YouTube it was hard to see Bowie on US TV in the UK. Reading it written down gave no real clue to how magnificent the interview was. And where was the “I loooove nihilism” bit? The Interview on youtube (STILL patched together from various sources)… And how heard about it in the UK at…