Bowie-The Album That Could Have Been

Bowie was on my musical radar from a young age though I was a bit young to get into Ziggy Stardust. The first Bowie single to grab me was Fame. It certainly had the funk. And that high to low voice scale towards the end. Now that was clever. After Fame was a hit, Bowie’s…

Ancient Heart – I Now Have One

30 years!!!! Where has the time gone? Saw her doing a live set on Vintage TV a while ago (and Vintage TV is no longer broadcasting, that’s how tough it is out there these days)/ Still LOVE this album. @tanita_tikaram's "Ancient Heart" is 30 and to celebrate Music on Vinyl are issuing a special limited…

Music for a locked shed

An afternoon of unkempt clothing, matted hair and directionless feelings channeled into a musical security blanket. As you do.

Pioneers of Sound at The Proms

Suzanne Ciani (@sevwave) will be performing at Monday night's 'Pioneers of Sound' Prom, a concert paying tribute to the pioneers of experimental electronic music and the legacy of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. — BBC Proms (@bbcproms) July 21, 2018