Late Dad’s Loft Find: Aquaman Walkman Waterproofer

As far as I can tell this dubiously illustrated waterproof casing for a cassette Walkman is unused but sadly has a few parts missing, no doubt discarded in the scramble to clear all the ephemera that was in the loft. Oh the 80’s.

Life etc

Sometimes life kicks your confidence stick away Leaving you tottering, unsure of your footing Like those days when you first learned to ride a bike Unsure that you had what was needed to ride unaided for very long Wishing for that helping hand or encouraging word that would enable another try Is confidence a trick…

The Golden Age of Creativity

David Cain of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop discussing the so-called "golden age" of electronic music. He died last week. — BBC Archive (@BBCArchive) October 7, 2019