Crosby Stills & Nash (ish)

You know the way you get a daft idea in your head and you waste time perusing it purely for you own entirely childish amusement? Yeah well, THIS. Crosby, Stills & Nash (the Slash).

Top of the world

Borked Panorama from the top of the world. A failed panorama pic that, with a little cropping was more interesting as a software mistake.

A key ingredient

I’m guessing that this trail of expended squirty cream in the alleyway is not the handiwork of some fiendish cream addict but the nihilistic last act of somebody who had expended the nitrous oxide used as a propellant for the sugary squirting.

How is it going to pan out? Clue: It isn’t

Brexit. Christ on a pedalo am I sick to death of the whole sorry farce? It’s a rhetorical question. I don’t care about the Conservative party leadership election. Elect wee Jimmy Kranky for all I care. I do, however care about where this country is going and the change in its character. Let’s just say…