Shrink Wrapped Dead Format Discs

Just acquired a clutch of defunct media format discs. In this case PAL format CED video discs, many still (just about) shrink wrapped. CED was a short lived (early 80s) alternative to laserdisc which was also analogue (well analogue video and analogue and/or digital audio) but is basiclly an analogue grooved vinyl record in a protective caddy.

Sadly though a vintage player came with the bundle it needs some light TLC because a small disc loading belt inside has perished. Hopefully once replaced some of these curiosities might even play.

Interestingly CED was pushed hard by RCA but the fight and eventual failure probably broke RCA as a company. We may be incredulous that video could have been stored on a vinyl disc but a very similar technology is strapped to the Voyager spacecraft that is now leaving our galaxy. A cartridge and stylus for playback is even supplied for any ET how may one day intercept the craft. A gold analogue video disc was cutting edge technology when Voyager left Earth.

The 5 Year Shut Out

“As you know, a General Election is an opportunity once every five years for politicians to go to the people and attempt to shut them out of the discussion”

LOL, just LOL! (But perfectly true!) Politicians think that the general public are just a pestilential nuisance that need to be placated every five years – never mind what they want, it is what the politicians themselves want that really matters.
Armando Iannucci hits the nail on the head for this commentator