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Hugo Burnham drummed the beat in Gang of Four, a band with influence. Tune in for our chat. And please  help us keep the sound on by making a donation. We can't do it without your support. Loud cheers to those who have donated. Thank you!soundmanconfidential.comSupport the show (
  1. Hugo Burnham – Gang of Four
  2. Dr. John Cooper Clarke
  3. Gina Schock ~ The Go-Go's
  4. Ed Stasium – Record Producer and Audio Engineer
  5. Tom Bailey – Thompson Twins

Over Prescribed Medication Nation

I used to be called to fill in repeat prescriptions for my former elderly neighbours. One of them had a repeat prescription lost of 22 seperate items.

Their GP regularly tried to reduce the amount they received and /or refused to re-supply certain items but they would angrily bully the GP into re-prescribing them.

The prescription contained a few items that I thought GP’s no longer prescribed such as Hayfeaver tablets.

Often cheaper alternatives were returned but again there was this sense of entitlement and, sadly a desperate belief that doctors can hold back the aches & pains of ageing.

We are a nation hooked on prescription medicines. OK this could also be a pure money saving exercise.

My previous GP would not prescribe pain killers believing that people just get hooked on them.

I attended a pain relief class organised by the NHS where they basically explained that the brain is dumb & often reports pain, once triggered, despite the cause abating and that other non drug based options could help manage it more.

I can’t pretend that this message was well received.

We are a medication nation.

Not Half- The regret of the lost cassette tape from way back when

One of my minor regrets, as my past becomes my archive is that I remember recording The Saturday Rock show with Fluff Freeman on BBC Radio 1 circa January 1977 because they were going to play tracks from the then new David Bowie LP; Low.

Now I had a paper round to do such was my youthage at the time so I set off a C120 Agfa color cassette to return to have my musical muscles stunned by the five end to end tracks that Fluff played: Speed of Life, Breaking Glas, Sound & Vision, Warszawa & Subterraneans.

Fluff sounded a tad stunned at the end of that little lot and I now regret losing that cassette. I think my cassette was a decidedly 70s purple hue.

Fripp And Grid

This is a bit of a surprise. Robert Fripp (King Crimson plus iconic solo work and collaborations with Brian Eno and David Bowie amongst others) and an ambient album with The Grid (Dave Ball of Soft cell and Richard Norris) which also comes with a surround mix on DVD-A.

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