Rock & Pop Places: The Sun Always Shines On TV

Was watching a re-run of Top of the Pops from 1986 and a-ha’s The Sun Always Shines On TV was on and they played the video which made me curious as to where the church section was filmed.

Well it turns out it was The Church of St Alban, The Martyr in wonderful downtown Teddington (UK), haunt of the now deunct Tames TV Teddington Lock studios  and long time home to the late comedian Benny Hill.

Location: 51.4281°N 0.3245°W

The Church fell out of use in 1977 and  is now an Arts Centre.


Print My House

3D printing is the technology that still makes me go “they can do that?”. A technology that gets me acting all “senior moment”. That aside, I genuinely marvel at what may be possible even if, from a distance, it seems like we’re making this stuff out of thin air (I know we’re not but it just seems that way sometimes).