A "prominent British scientist" will be the face on the new £50 note. pic.twitter.com/HJP6Jxcs0H — Oonagh (@Okeating) November 2, 2018 Feature image by Howard Lake under this creative commons license

Surrealist Cookbook

Salvador Dali's surrealist cookbook: Les Diners De Gala. Felicia, 1973. pic.twitter.com/oq63qFGbNn — Pulp Librarian (@PulpLibrarian) October 30, 2018

Dream On

Life in the dream world with a Hooray Henry

Weekly Wage Slip 1984

Found a weekly wage slip for 1984. Mostly overtime with some bonus back pay. Barely over two pounds an hour which yielded £83.15 per week for 39 hours. A bonus of just over £35 probably means that target culture existed even then or more likely some jobs were still given X number of hours via…

Audio Arts Live To Air September 1982

Audio Arts was a cassette based series of arts programmes often available inside The Tate Gallery, London or the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA). I’m annoyed that this is a) so grubby and b) has holes in it made for saving in a file rather than placed in a box file. Ah the callous decisions…

Music for a locked shed

An afternoon of unkempt clothing, matted hair and directionless feelings channeled into a musical security blanket. As you do.