Way Of The West

Funny how a much loved tune of old returns to the rota of earworms. Was twiddling the digital dial and bang there she blew again (that’s a mixed metaphor that doesn’t warrant too much examination). Of course I went searching for more info just because I am my own sad semantic search engine. An interesting story and shows how many bands from that era don’t get to own their own songs or have much of a say regarding their continuing availability. Such is the conflict of art and business.

Oh and by the way, wasn’t this used as the theme to 80’s music proglette ‘8 day a week’ hosted by Robin Denslow back in what now passes as the day?

Judgin’ In The UK

“I could have been a Judge, but I never had the Latin for the judgin’. I never had it, so I’d had it, as far as being a judge was concerned… I would much prefer to be a judge than a coal miner because of the absence of falling coal”.

Peter Cook

Look What We Did To Music

The percentage of music sales on vinyl continues to rise. I saw one comment that this amounted to the fetishisation of analogue and retro rather than an indicator that vinyl is a superior music delivery format. It’s not. It’s now just a niche product. A hipster lifestyle accessory or hardcore high end audiophile dependable. The number of new vinyl releases, even if reissues of classic albums easily dwarfs the piecemeal pure audio offerings from Blu Ray audio. I was surprised how fast vinyl sales (at least in the US) fell away as soon as CD was introduced.